The New Plan (Floatingman Island)

After more or less 6-years on the road, this "World Traveler" got tired of traveling the world seeking the next thrill, or the next more interesting place.  Instead it seemed time to build something, and to settle down (or a sorts) for a while.

And so, I started working by myself and then with others to create a permanent Burningman style community on our own private island in Nicaragua.  Hopefully, we'll own the island soon.

It's going to be very different than backpacking through Africa, but I expect to have plenty of adventures living on our own island in Nicaragua.

Check out the project :

Previous Travels

I've been in 58 countries.  For the complete list -- [ click here ].

I visited Mexico with my parents as a kid, and then Canada with the boy scouts.  When I was 16, I spent 6 weeks in Israel with a Jewish youth group.  The intent of the trip was to bond us to our Jewish identity, but all we did was get drunk, taking advantage of the lack of a drinking age.

Between college and graduate school, I traveled for 3 months in Europe.  I arrived in Spain with a bicycle and a plan to cycle from Madrid to Florence.  It took less than a week before I decided that I liked drinking with Spaniards far more than I liked cycling.  I shipped the bike home and bought a Eurrail ticket. 

I became addicted to travel, and took as much time off work as I could manage: 2.5 weeks in Thailand, after which I swore I'd never take a 2 week holiday again; One month in Eastern Europe; A 5 day trip to Amsterdam for New Years; 3 months of traveling through Central America and Brazil; One week in Morocco plus 3 weeks in Spain; then 3 months of living in Milan with weekend trips around Italy and Switzerland. 

After that, travel became my life.  I traveled around Asia, India and Nepal for more than a year.  I spent a year at home recovering (from India?). Then, I took off again with grand plans. I was away for 3 years, 8 months and 14 days traveling through, and living in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. I, of course, had amazing growing experiences along the way.

About Adam
This is the website of Adam Katz.  I was born in Oakland, California.  My Mom was a hippy, my Dad a civil rights activist.  I attended the Oakland public schools, where I received a very mediocre education.  I continued my studies at UC Santa Cruz, a school best known for Rush Limbaugh's hatred and its mascot - the banana slug.  I left Santa Cruz with a degree and a half in computer science and reluctantly began a career as a software engineer.  I worked through the boom and bust, slowly rising up the corporate ladder. 

I was saving up money to quit my job and travel the world.  But then instead, the company laid me off.  Along with the pink slip they gave me a massive severance check.  No job, and the money to travel; it worked out perfectly for me, and I bought a one-way ticket to Bali. 

I'd imagined coming back and finding another job.  But, while lying on the beaches of Indonesia, I failed to find a good reason to come back and sit behind a desk.  And so, I dumped my career and my life hasn't been the same since. 

Now I'm traveling the world with a laptop, telecommuting from beaches and jungles all over the world as a 21th century vagabond.
In the early 80's, a group of people in Santa Cruz started hanging out on the Internet.  They would meet each other at parties or midnight food runs organized over online chat lines.  These people proudly took the name "geek" for themselves far before it became cool to be a computer programmer.  In 1989, I got my first UNIX account and quickly became an official geek.

There was a tradition among these geeks to name the houses they lived in.  In 1996, I rented a house with Kia, Dr.  Bob and Joe from Illinois.  We needed a name.  The house was full of booze (mine), so I tried to register the domain name  Even back in 1996, that name was taken.  Instead, I chose for a as a bit of a pun.  As my life changed, the site also changed, from the website of a geekhouse, into this travel site.  It has grown from a couple of pages that my family and friends read, to:

* 1289 images in 39 galleries.
* 211 journal entries containing 167,785 words.
* 15 articles (though I promise more are coming soon).
* Last month, 4487 people from 92 countries viewed 28,344 pages.

Comment / Donate

Every message that you leave on the site, reminds me that people are reading, and inspires me to write more.  Please give me feedback on my writing and photography.  The more feedback you give, the more I'll be able to bring you what you want.  And, if you have any questions, ask them!  I'll email you an answer and possibly write an article on the topic for everyone's benefit.

And finally, help me live the dream.  If I can make $20/day from this website, I can travel the world forever.  If you appreciate the work that I put into this site, then please make a donation today!  $5 is the same price as buying me a beer in San Francisco.  Donation links are on the top right of every page.


-Adam Katz
World Traveler

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