Making the decision - the hardest part
Jun 09, 2006

If you go and travel the world for a year, the most difficult thing by far is making the choice to go.  Every other obstacle is easily overcome.

It is a truly difficult thing to overcome the fears, and break away from the cultural norms so that you can go traveling. 

After that it's all easy.

Forget all of your fears.  Largely, they are just fear of the unknown.

* Is traveling the world dangerous?  Largely, it's safer than San Francisco.

* Will I ever find a job again?  If you take off for a year, I don't think it's such a problem.  Just sell it in business terms.  "I had a dream to travel the world.  I made a plan, organized the trip, and then acted upon it.  I had a fantastic time, the trip was an amazing success.  ...  but now that's _complete_ and I'm ready to get back to work."  I have to figure that it's in your favor if your interviewer wishes he was you.

* Am I cut out for this?  Just go for it.  Maybe traveling isn't for you.  Maybe you'll hate it.  But somehow I doubt it.  If you have a dream to travel, you must at least give it a shot.  In the very worst case you can just return home early.

But here is the big question.  Can you imagine that you'll regret it? 

Jump forwards 6 months:  You're sitting on a beach in Burma with new-found backpacker friends, laughing about the struggles of making the decision to go.  Really...  all you have to go is go online and buy a one-way ticket to Bangkok.  It doesn't take months of thought, debate, and planning.  It takes 5 minutes to process your credit cards and a couple of weeks to pack up your belonging. 

You laugh with your friends on the beach....  if only we'd known how easy it was, we all would have left much earlier.

Fernando - Jun 19, 2007

Your page is excellent !!!  it's worth reading every single page you've written

This article epitomises my initial fear or jumpiness about quitting job and hitting the road for 4 months and a half.  However, reading your ideas makes me realise that it can be done.

I've borrowed a new motto for this moment i'm living:

Fear is Temporary, Repentance is Forever

Keep on the excellent job!

jim - Jul 12, 2007

I am a diabetic on oral meds.  How dificult is it to obtain medication while traveling and what is the general cost of medication, higher or lower than the U.S. 

Mentally I am ready to make the jump, except this issue is holding me back.

Addam - Sept 20, 2007

dude you are the man.  Everything you write amazes me, i read all this bogus bull about how much it cost's to climb Everest and how much stuff i need.  I have traveled to Uganda for a month and enjoyed reading your entries from there.  I can't wait to hit the road! 

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