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SomeReader,Somewhere! - Feb 18, 2007

What you doing these days?!  No blog updates since last May...!  Followed your trip through Lake Turkana area, plan on doing that in a few years in reverse...  keep moving man!

steve - Feb 12, 2007

just found your site................  jammed pack with great images, and with your past can do attitude, and current mantra all the best to you..........


Brenda Moore - Feb 05, 2007

Great pictures of Adias Ababa.  Just returned from there.  Took over 500 pictures - nothing like yours!  Wow, your pictures are wonderful.  Someday I hope to be as good as you.  Guess I should invest in a better camera.


Thanks for the compliments.

I love my Nikon d70 (and if you're looking for a new camera the newer, cheaper, d50 is supposed to be just as good).

But the camera is only half of it.  To be a good photographer you need practice and study.

You might want to start by getting a copy of
"National Geographic's - Photography Field Guide - Travel"

The website TrekEarth is another great place to learn about photography and photo editing.


Colleen - Jan 15, 2007

Adam!  Love the pics of Berlin.  I was looking through mine and I realized that I didn't get pics of us together!  I am so bummed.  Did we forget to do that entirely?  Wow.  I was sick.
Well, net time I catch up with you abroad, we'll remember.  Thanks again for putting me and Josh up, and showing us some of East Berlin.  I am still loving that heavy-metal bar.  Hope you are well!

susi - Jan 14, 2007

Hi Adam,

congratulations for your interesting and nice site!

Best wishes for your travels,

Janet - Jan 06, 2007

Was reading your journals- helped me remember the amazing time I had in lodwar,Kenya.
Im planning to go travelling again next summer and im also a keen journalist so want to write about everything I do,where would you reccommend.Im thinking towards Ethiopia as i have been to all african countries south of there between the age of 17 and 20!  I like to travel!  :D

David - Jan 05, 2007

All the best that should have been!

David - Jan 05, 2007

Thanks Adam for the best info I have managed to find on the Addis Ababa Piazza area on the net. 
All the with your travels.

Charlie - Dec 26, 2006

Hi Adam, great stuff on Everest, I want to ride a motorbike all the way to base camp, do you think this is possible..?
Safe travels

Joanne - Canada - Dec 04, 2006

Hey Katz,

It's been quite awhile since I checked in on your website.  (I was the chick that emailed you privately enquiring about info on volunteering opportunites in South East Asia so very long ago.  Thanks for that assistance by the way).  I think it's been about a year since I checked in on you...  I was doing a little audit of the websites saved into my "favourites" folder and look who I came across?  Mr.  Geekeasy himself! 

I can't believe you're still travelling.  Good for you.  I am thrilled and impressed to see you still going so strong.  And, your pictures are getting better and better - they ARE stunning.  Thanks for posting them.  Your travels continue to show the great beauty in this world.

Continue to live the risk - all the while staying safe of course, and happy holidays where ever you may be!