Costa Rica map:
Volcano Arenal
Dec 24, 1999

These older journal entries were hastily typed in at local cybercafes where I was paying by the minute.  Please excuse grammar mistakes or typos. 

Volcano Arenal
After two months of rain and clouds the skies decide to clear the day I arrive at the foot of the volcano.  Seeing a cloud of volcanic ash suddenly erupt out of the top of a volcano was cool.  Relaxing in a pool, with natural warm water from the hot springs, while watching the volcano spit glowing rocks into the sky, and lava trickling down the volcano slope was something to remember forever. 

Flying in Costa Rica

Flight #1
I guess it builds character to look like an idiot every once in a while.  Since I only have a few days left and definitely want to see Volcano Arenal I decide to save a travel day by flying from Quepos to Fortuna.  The first flight is in a little two prop plane.  There is only one other passenger.  At the airport in San Jose, the baggage handler sets up a small wooden step to, in theory, aid the passengers in disembarking from the plane.  I grab my bag, step onto the step where upon it decides to flip over and send me flying head first to the concrete.  Somehow, I'm stuck laying on the ground with my feet up in the air, while I'm trying to figure out what the hell happened.  Thats right, I fell out of a plane.  Total damage - scrapes on both hands, a few big bruises on one leg. 

Flight #2
And the plane gets smaller.  It is pretty cool when you get on a plane and find out that you are the only passenger.  The pilot was a really nice guy who speak good English and gave me a bit of a tour on the way to Fortuna. 

Flight #3
Same plane, same pilot.  I am asked if I would mind sitting in the front.  Assuming that they mean the front seat, I reply "No, Its fine".  I didn't realize that they meant the copilots seat.  In addition, we make a detour to pick up another passenger, only to find out mid-flight that he has caught another plane.  However, the detour gave me great arial views of the coastline. 

And...  on to Brazil
Tomorrow I get onto a big plane and am off for new adventures in Brazil. 

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