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Brendan - Mar 04, 2008

Hey Adam,

Im planning a trip in September, 2008 for Thailand and am looking to go for about 6 months.  ive found your page extremely useful in planning for this but im wondering if you could give me any advice on purchasing tickets.  I was thinking of buying a one way is that wise?  should i book in advance or wait till last minutes?  any other advice on the trip in general you could give?  im a student, have about 8000 total to spend on the trip.  i want to see it all!


Jessica - Feb 25, 2008

I see that you have a sort of similar question below, but I'll still ask...So it seems as though everyone thinks I'm crazy for being a girl and wanting to travel alone.  Many girls see themselves as limited from travel because of being female, but some others hate this notion.  Obviously you are not a girl so it's hard to tell, but what is your opinion on solo women travelling?  In my neighborhood in Knoxville, Tennessee there have been many robberies-many of them armed-just within the past semester.  I don't see how Southeast Asia could be too much more dangerous than that, but I also don't want to be a naive idiot.  Also, do you think being a small girl (in size) makes it more dangerous?

Mike - Feb 03, 2008


I'm considering traveling the world cheaply as you do.  A major concern for me though is that I need a good work out regularly, which I get at a great local gym.  It's going to be hard to give that up.

You seem to have been able to stay in pretty good shape.  Any tips you might have regarding getting exercise while on the road in relatively underdeveloped places would very much be appreciated.  Thanks.



Once upon a time, I was very fit.  No longer.

The slower you travel, the easeir you'll find things.  When you're traveling fast, you're often lacking in sleep and time, which makes it hard to workout. 

If you stay in places longer, then you might actually find the local gyms - which are surely sometimes an interesting cultural experience in themselves.

Other than that, it just comes down to being creative.  You can run almost anywhere.  Pushups, all you needs as a floor.  With a bit of rope and some water bottles, you can make weights if you need them.  How much does 10 liters of water weigh?


Marc - Feb 02, 2008

I'm heading to Kilimanjaro.  Is there a trekking company that you can recomend that's price effective. 


Honestly, I don't have any recommendations off-hand.

But I liked Moshi, much, much more than Arusha.  I'd suggest you go there and talk to the tour operators there. 


Cindy - Dec 30, 2007

Hello there!  This site is awesome.  I am leaving for an around the world in February.  One of my legs is going to be through Cambodia/Laos/Vietnam and since you are the Asian travel expert I thought I would ask you the best route for a 3-4 week trek?  (I will be flying in/out of Bangkok) Also, is it safe for a 25 year old woman to travel through these countries alone?  Is it easy to get from country to country on public transportation or should I look into booking a tour?  Thanks so much!  -Cindy


There is absolutely no reason for you to take a tour.  The path around those countries is well-worn and safe for a woman to travel alone - though always use common sense as you would back home.

The standard route is to travel from Bangkok by bus to Siem Reap in Cambodia, to Phnom Penh by boat.  Then into Vietnam, up to Laos, and back down to Bangkok via Chang Mai.

But with only a month, maybe you should skip one of those countries and spend a bit more time getting to know the other ones.


OdiN - Dec 23, 2007

hello there!  id like to say that this webpage is very helpful...  im planning on backpacking through europe, how do you locate those backpacker's guesthouses' let's say for instance in spain, or portugal.  and for how long are you welcome there?  thanks much!!  best regards_OdiN :)

Amanda - Dec 13, 2007

I have two friends that are trying to make it around the world for free!  They're on a plane as I type heading to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and have no contacts out there.  Can you recommend where they can stay for very little money?  Also, do you happen to have any contacts there?

THanks so much for any response!

jordan - Nov 22, 2007


Nim - Nov 14, 2007

Wow, I am constantly inspired by this site. 

One big question, though:  where do you plug in and upload your pics?  I can't imagine you'd travel with a PC wireless card (or be tied down to the monthly contract fees), but even at the places where they let you pay to surf, can you put your own files on those computers?




Most laptops come with built-in wireless these days.

The world is changing fast, and free wireless intnernet is spreading like crazy.  Even in places like Cairo or Dahab Egypt, you can now find free wireless.

But without that, there are cybercafes everywhere.  If you ask nice, they'll usually let you unplug the interet cable from one of their machines and plug it into your laptop.


Matt Barber - Nov 13, 2007

I've recently been thinking of taking some time out of work and travelling the world, maybe in a couple of years time, i was just wondering how much hastle it was getting though various borders?  As in can you just travel by taking a passport, or do you have to arrange a load of Visa's and papers in advance?  Thanks, Matt


It depends where you are going and what your citizenship is.

In general, if you have American citizenship (Canadian, Western Europian, Aussie, etc.) there are no problems at all.

Most countries you can get a visa on arrival. 

When traveling up through Africa, I would just get a visa in the capital city of one country before moving on to the next country.  With the exception of the Sudanese vias, it was a very easy thing.

Cheers and enjoy your travels.


Gemma - Oct 11, 2007

How much money will i need for travelling around india for 3 months.  Want to go middle line and plan on staying in goa for a month.

john barwood - Sept 07, 2007

First off thanks for writing this site i have just made my mind up to pack up and go, and this site has been by far the most useful and inspiring.  just wondered about money i.e how do you travel with it cash/travelers cheques/cards etc, how do you spread it out and are there any prefered banks which are good for geting at it worldwide.also are they any useful links with info on this.

thanks again john barwood


There are ATMs everywhere now (except Sudan).  There really is no longer any problem getting money.