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A bus strike

One night, we head out to Don Senor as usual. As we get to the town square, we notice that taxis and buses are blocking the road. Asking around, we... more >>

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January 2008

   Volcano Surfing
   New Years 2008

December 2007

   Down to Nicaragua

July 2007

   Beirut, Barcelona, and E. coli
   Arrested in Beirut
   On to Beirut
   Aleppo and Hama

June 2007

   Mar Musa Monastery
   Damascus, Syria
   First day in Syria
   8 hours at Syrian Immigration
   Amman, Jordan
   Petra, Jordan
   Nuweiba, Egypt

May 2007

   Two Years in Dahab

March 2006

   A full eclipse in Saluum, Egypt

November 2005

   The Pyramids, and Sufi dancing
   Egyptian Museum

October 2005

   A weekend in Sweden

September 2005

   Saturday Night in Copenhagen
   Friday Night in Copenhagen

August 2005

   Valley of the Kings

July 2005

   More Aswan
   Aswan, Egypt
   Last Day in Sudan
   Crocodile heads and lunar landscapes
   From Kerma to Abri
   Dongola to Kerma
   Dongola - Camel Caravan

June 2005

   Karima to Dongola
   The Pyramids of Meroe
   Khartoum #3 - Stolen Money and a Wedding
   Khartoum #2 - Sufi Dancing
   Khartoum #1 - It's hot!
   Entering Sudan

May 2005

   Metema - Last day in Ethiopia
   Bahar Dar
   Leaving Addis
   Street kids and philosophy
   An Ethiopian Election
   Hassle and the Hyena Man of Harrar
   Other Travelers
   The Great Tour Guide War
   The Visa from Hell
   Fixing the Laptop
   The Piazza - Addis Ababa

February 2005

   Bugs, bugs, and Addis Ababa
   Arba Minch
   Trapped in Konso
   From Turmi to Weyto and Konso
   Turmi, Ethiopia
   Leaving Omorate
   An Ethiopian culture of sitting
   Strange dreams and bad water
   Ethiopia - 13 months a year
   Through the desert to Omorate
   Through No-Mans Land to Ethiopia

January 2005

   Kalikol to Loarengak
   Happy B'day To Me
   Refugees on their way to America
   An abduction on the way to Lokichoggio
   Lodwar Day #4 - Need a stamp!
   Lodwar Day #3 - Africa teaches you patience.
   Lodwar Day #2 - Not so dangerous.
   Lodwar Day #1 - Warnings of Danger!
   Eldoret to Lodwar
   Leaving Nairobi
   Unf*cking believable
   Nairobi, Kenya
   The Asian Tsunami

December 2004

   Uganda - Close Encounters of an Animal Kind
   Uganda - Rwenzoris and the Witch Doctor
   Osama's Message
   Uganda - Kibale, Kasese, Lake Nkuruba, and more

November 2004

   The Kids of Gulu
   The Bering Strait?

October 2004

   Bacteria and Booze

August 2004

   On Safari in Tanzania
   Arusha, Tanzania

July 2004

   An Anniversary
   Climbing Mt. Meru
   E. coli

June 2004

   A Sign From God?
   Dar es Salaam

May 2004

   Welcome to Africa
   Petting a Tiger!
   The Water Festival
   Traveling Myanmar
   The Quest for Mt. Victoria
   Welcome to Myanmar

March 2004

   Leaving Cambodia
   Sovantha Update
   CMAC, HALO Trust, and MAG

February 2004

   Back in Cambodia
   30 Days in Thailand
   Drinking, Boom, Plan Updates, Dear Mr. Ambassador

January 2004

   A Day in the Guesthouse
   HALO Trust
   Xmas Day in a Minefield

December 2003

   Handicapped Association of Siem Reap
   Lynn and the Maoists / Colin and the Tiger
   Volunteering and the Land Mine Museum
   SFO => Bangkok: Day 1

Where's Adam?

Oakland, USA
February 2008 -

After being on the road for 3 years, 8 months and 14 days, I returned back to San Francisco.

Now, I'm down in Nicaragua on a new adventure; trying to buy an island.

The photo gallery is up to date. And I'm rapidly catching up on the journal. New journal entries will be appearing every day until I'm caught up.

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