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Feb 08, 2008


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Call it a luxury or a requirement, but a mosquito net is a key piece of traveler's gear for anyone traveling through tropical countries.

Malaria is just one problem.  On top of that, mosquitoes biting you in the middle of the night, or just buzzing in your ear can keep you from ever getting a good night's sleep.

The net that I travel with is the one-person "Defender".  It rolls down very small, and weighs almost nothing.  You can buy it at REI. 

There is one design flaw with it though.  The way that it hangs, the bottom of it rests up against your feet, allowing the mosquitoes to bite your toes.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix.

About 3/4 of the way down, in the middle put a piece of heavy duty medical or electrical tape, and then run a safety pin through it.  Now, you have a second connection point that'll raise the bottom of the net, saving your toes from the mosquitoes.

Hanging the net can sometimes be difficult, but I've always found a solution.  Sometimes, there are nails that you can tie on to, or ceiling beams that you can throw a rope over.  I often just safety pin the net to a curtain.  In the very worst case, I've been forced to move the bed, or run a laundry line across the room, and then hang the net from that.

That's just some quick tips and tricks for one of the key pieces of traveler's gear. 

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