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peter houber - Mar 03, 2008

Becky,before you write stuff be sure its correct,OWNER OF NIRVANA DOESNT HAVE A WIFE.

johnny - Feb 23, 2008

Just came across your in egypt and getting paid euros and bringing a bunch of foreigners to live and party in somebody else's sovereign country.

your an asshole

Gavin - Feb 21, 2008

Hello Adam,

Getting very into the journal right here, although I don't get to visit as often as I'd like.  No shortage of inspiration.

I'm currently mulling a trip to Syria - inspired not least by your reports.  I was wondering whether I might ask for some words of wisdom concerning sights, practicalities, etc.  Anything you might consider that I ought to know.  I'd be chuffed if you could spare the time.

Concerning Central Asia, who could resist Turkmenistan?  A vast desert,a lake of blazing propane (Soviet genius - let's set fire to this vast, barely subterranean reservoir of natural gas.  Oh dear, we can't put it out), and Turkmenbashi himself.  I hope they haven't taken that giant revolving statue down.

Best of luck with the Nicaraguan adventure - am looking forward to hearing all about it.  Have a good weekend.



Rob - Jan 28, 2008

Hey Adam, congrats for your ongoing world travels.  I liked the Khalil Gibran quote about comfort...what do you think it takes to be truly "free" ? 

Health and Safe Travels



I don't know if it's ever possible to be truly free - or if it's possible that is something that we should strive for. 

Absolutes are almost always bad.  A complex world requires compromise.

But I think our western world has shifted much too far in the direction of fear.  Isn't striving for "safety" nothing but a fear that something bad will happen?  Are we locking ourselves in cages to be safe?  Why is it that people in the "land of the free" are so, so far from actually being free? 

So, truly free might not be the right choice, but I think it might be good for us to move towards being at least a bit more free.


Peter - Jan 01, 2008

Your site is very cool.  Why don't you share some of you travel experience on this site Places to Visit.

Can Truong - Dec 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I am currently visiting friends in Salisbury Beach, Boston.

Jacob - Dec 07, 2007

Just wanted to thank you for your blog.  Very inspiring and I now find myself in the middle of a similar journey!

2 months in and loving every second of it. 

Take care,

Dorschdl - Nov 18, 2007

What are you doing lately?  Haven`t readt new stuff for a long time, hope you are enjoying your trip!

Matt and Julie - Nov 06, 2007

Hey Adam,

We met you in Addis Ababa for a brief moment outside a camera shop I think.  We just moved this past weekend from west virginia to the portland area, and I was going through our pile of business cards and scraps of paper with random people's contact info when I came across your card.  Since we left Addis in August of 05 we've lived in Annapolis for grad school, thru-hiked the PCT, renovated a house, taken 2 cross country road trips and are now living in the Portland area.  We still talk about our trip in Addis, as it was our first real trip outside the US.
Best to you in your future travels,
Julie and Matt

Heidi Dayman - Sept 25, 2007

Hey Adam,

I am finally going back to Ethiopia, 16 years after I hung out in orphanage for three months.  I never thought I would get to go back - I'm a single mom, two kids, pretty lowish income, but that darned travel bug is still gnawing away at me and circumstances have come together!  Reading about your experiences in that wonderful country have made me even more excited than I was to go back!!! 

Thanks so much!


PS - any thoughts on travelling with "tween-aged" kids?


> any thoughts on travelling with "tween-aged" kids?

It's a tough question.  It's an amazing country - with great people and fantastic culture. 

I don't know your kids, and I don't know if they're going to appreciate any of that.  It might prove hard on them, and thereby on you.  But I certainly think that in later years, they'll remember it, and the experience will serve them well in life.

2 cents


laura macready - Sept 08, 2007

Excellent site.  Doing my first big solo trip next year, and after reading your 'do I get lonely' entry I definately feel much more confident about the whole thing - Can't wait!

manjeet - Sept 07, 2007

your a real inspiration.  Since looking at your site i've realised you don't need to be super rich to travel.  can't wait to jet off!!  Thanks! 

Jen - Aug 27, 2007


Most travel websites that I visit are uninspiring and self congratulatory-- thanks for not being one of "those guys".

Good luck on future ventures!