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andy - Oct 02, 2005

hola adam!
just drop by to give u my e-mail adress..
we met in on the dahab rooftop over kairo (austrian, travelling with my girlfriend silvia.i guess u meet a few new guys on your way...)
wish u all the best for your way to come and i hope even tough you will stay in your fast moving trip-bubble for quite a while we manage to keep in touch.
keep moving!

Can Truong - Oct 01, 2005

Adam, I just donated $2 so you can drink some beer tonight or soda.

Thanks for taking a picture of me at Dahab Hotel.  You are very good at composing pictures.

Edgar - Sept 30, 2005

How is it in Dahab hotel?  are you still there?  Im back in Sweden, it's getting cold again...
is Zurina still there?  :) saludos a la reina!  Sigue adelante hermano, un abrazo
/Edgar (Bol)

DPI - Sept 30, 2005

You guys still partying at Dahab? 

I'll be in Lebanon Oct 1-13 and Syria Oct 13-19.  Then maybe back to Lebanon and Cyprus.

Stay posted.


Zurina - Sept 27, 2005

So are we having the party at the hotel tonight or what??  We cant wait until Ramadan, we may not get beer!

Keith - Sept 21, 2005

You must be the worst photographer on earth.  Give it up!

Peter Vorster - Sept 10, 2005

Nice site.  I am a neighbor up on Balfour.  Your mom told me about your site and now I can travel vicariously through your web site to the places that I did not get to in 1970 when my mother told me to take a year off and travel before going to college.  I did not listen to her because .....  it was my mother.  Biggest regret of my life although I have traveled in Patagonia, East Africa, Europe but never to the Himalayas.  The moral of the story is:  sometimes moms can provide good advice. 

9moons - Sept 08, 2005

I've really enjoyed looking at your photos.  You have a great eye!
I came here from a link at from Techno Pagan Octopus Messiah.

Metatag - Sept 08, 2005

Are there any cinema theatres in Cairo? 

Echo - Sept 07, 2005

Duuuude!  I just saw you walk past the internet cafe with ur camera!  Small world or what??

Unknown - Sept 06, 2005

Excuse me ...  is it worth visiting the Museum in Cairo?


Yes it is Stewart, though it did take me 3 months of living next to it before I managed to actually go inside. 


Stewart Innes Ex Cairo - Sept 06, 2005

Didn't I already get you a beer? 

Stewart Innes Ex Cairo - Sept 05, 2005

So what happened with the blonde, redhead and brunette?  That stpry is nowhere near told!

Nice pictures!  Are they all 72 dpi? 


Stanley Bryan - Aug 25, 2005

I like what you are doing i wish i had the time - or maybe I'm just chicken - f...  nine to five.  Well anyway i wrote you once I stayed at the national hotel in Addis Ababa the same time you did.  I am the tall guy from Brooklyn, New York.  I like your web site you inspired me to start one of my own even though my travels are not as extensive as yours.  I have only one problem that disturbs me about your web site.  You have several photos of Ethiopian woman and in a couple of them you have titles that state she is a prostitute.  That is so disrepectful!!!
I'm quite sure you don't even have authorization to place her photo on your web site much less mention that she is a prostitute. 
I know that there are a lot of prostitutes in Ethiopia - i met quite a few which hurt me dearly.  These woman are not doing it because they want to, they are doing it to feed their families. 
Sometimes we must think twice before we do things.  Well i hope you enjoy the rest of your travels and i hope that you consider changing the statements on those pictures. 


Almut - Aug 25, 2005

Hi Adam,

greetings from Germany!!  I don't know if you remember:  I met you together with some friends (a Canadian physicist, a Tanzanian professor of theology,...  :-)) in some restaurant in Moshi/Tanzania last year.  Wow, I'm really impressed by what you've been doing the past months!  Great stories.  I'll keep on dropping by once in a while :-). 
Well, in case you will meet God somewhen during your trip, tell him, I knew he would do that ;-). 
Many greetz from Almut.

Sebastian/Poland - Aug 20, 2005

Buenos Dias Adam.  As I can see your trip goes on.  Wind, dust and sun.  That's the essence!  That's great, there will be something interesting to read about, so I hope you'll be writting frequently new articles.  Our trip has just finished (you probably dont remeber us, as you met many people, but finally it doesnt matter so much ;) - we met in Luxor's Happy Land hotel - true shit among hotels in Egypt ;)
The best places in Egipt are these less known or even totally unknown, that's what I have understood after my travel to Egipt, Egipt contrary to created pictures by travel companies asf...  I hope your travel will continue as long as you wish to not return your home..  but what is your real home...?  the sky is the roof, the winds are the walls..  good luck!!

Dave Schreiber - Aug 16, 2005

Hi, Adam.  I was in the CIS undergrad and grad programs with you at UCSC back in the '90s.  I just ran across your site today.  Great writing and photos!  I look forward to following your trip.

-Dave (from within a cubicle in Milpitas, CA)

Markus - Aug 15, 2005

Hi Adam,
its always nice to read/watch your page and see you going on (and somehow refreshing my own memories).  Its about one year ago when we met in Kampala.  Cant belive how time passed by...
Hope I for myself can go back to Afrika within the next couple of jears!

Greetings from Germany!

P.S:  Anybody who finds misspellings can keep them!

Alissa - Aug 14, 2005

what a cool site!
good luck on your travels.

Tanja - Aug 08, 2005

Aloha Adam,

nice to find ur page,
we met last year in BKK<...spent a few days there...  colourful rastas i had there..
It´s good to see that u continue...  i start today a long yourney how starts in Tunesia...
Keep on LiVin´ Adam !

squeek - Aug 01, 2005

and remind me again why i didn't run away with this boy?  oh yeah, i barely knew him.  could have sold my car.  in the end it got hit and is gone.  and i'm not having all the fun he is.


Dave H - Jul 31, 2005

It is a good thing for an uneducated
man to read books of quotations. 
- Sir Winston Churchill

Michael Kirkham - Jul 31, 2005

"It all comes down to the dialogue in your mind.  What dialogue, you ask?  It's the dialogu
e with the little voice that just said, 'What dialogue?'" -- Blair Singer, "Sales Dogs"